Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the recurring events option?

Development for recurring events is under way. We will update the blog when we are ready to launch this feature.

How do I accept a group invite?

Either follow the link in your email which will bring you to the pending invites page or go to the homepage and click the red box that says "New Group Invites".

How do I add more contacts to an existing group?

Click on the Quick Links icon in the bottom right of the screen. Then click the Groups icon. Click on which group you would like to edit. Click the Edit button and add more contacts just as you did when you created the group.

How do I add a calendar to an existing group.

Click "New Calendar" either under the Quick Links Toolbar or at your calendars list. Then select "Create a new calendar to add to an existing group". In the new calendar form just select the group you wish to add it to in the drop down box.