Convenient Calendar Help

Joining an existing group

Joining a group created by someone else is easy. Just click on "New Group Invites" from the homepage and then click "Join" to be added the group. To decline an invite click "Decline".

Creating a new group

To create a new group, either click on "New Group" icon from the Quicklinks Toolbar or select it from the "Getting Started" menu.

Fill out the three step wizard which will create a group, calendar, allow you add members to the group. When you save, an email will be sent out to invite users to joing the group.

Creating a new calendar

Click on the "New Calendar" icon in the Quicklinks Toolbar or select which option works best for you under the Getting Started menu.

Fill out the form to create a new calendar.

Add a new event to a calendar

Click on the day in the calendar and fill out the form that pops up.

Editing/Deleting an event

Click on the event and if you have permissions you will see an Edit and Delete button on details pop up.

Personal Address Book

This is your personal address book. You can add contacts by clicking on the "New Contact" button in the upper right corner below the navigation bar.

To Edit or Delete contacts just click on the contact and select Edit or Delete.

Group Address Book

The group address book is automatically populated by your fellow group members. When they update their contact information in their account, it will automatically be updated in your address book. To updated your contact information, visit the Profile Page.

Uploading photos

Click on "Photos" in the navigation bar. Then click on the "New Photo" button in upper right corner below the navigation bar.

Then upload the photo by filling out the form

Sharing photo(s) with a group or groups

When filling out the form, select which group or groups from the "Add to Group(s)" text box that you would like to share the photo.