2/28 updates to Convenient Calendar

March 01, 2013

Just a few small updates added this week.

- Finally flushed out all of the bugs with timezones for all day events. (Time will tell)

- Added the ability for calendar users to be able to add comments to blogs. Now you can let me know how you feel publicly.

- Created horizontal scrolling on the event colors for those with small computer monitors.

It's looking like the initial testing is almost complete. If this testing schedule holds, this version of the calendar will be going live on www.convenientcalendar.com next weekend March 9. The current version of Convenient Calendar will be moved to another domain for reference and access to old data till the end of March. 

Please start moving over your data to the new calendar as soon as you can. 

As always please let us know of any bugs you may encounter.

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Event Colors Now Live

February 24, 2013

The newest feature for the new Convenient Calendar app has just been pushed live. You can now change the background and text colors by calendar to help distinguish each calendar more easily.

There is a new tab named Calendars on the left side of the calendar. Just click on the tab and it wiill open options to change the event colors. It is broken down by groups (personal calendars being its own group) so if you have mulitiple personal calendars or a group has multiple calendars then they will all share the same color scheme. 

The color change saves automatically and update the events right away as well. Saving a step of submitting a form. 

As alway please let us know if there are any bugs with the new feature. 


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Convenient Calendar Tech Specs

February 22, 2013

Here are some of the tech specs for the NEW Convenient Calendar app.

- Ruby on Rails

- MongoDB

- Ajax

- Javascript

- Full Featured Calendar


- Email notifications

- Background jobs for faster client side processing

- Amazon S3

- Amazon SES

- Cloud scalable hosting

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Upcoming Features to the Calendar

February 22, 2013

Up next is being able to color label by group or personal calendar. This feature is in the works and should be available in next few weeks. Also on the horizon is being able to hide certain calendars from view and the ability to create recurring events.

Thanks to everyone helping out with testing the beta site. Please let us know of any issues you may be having.

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The New Convenient Calendar app now in Beta

February 18, 2013

Due to the problems with the current version of Convenient Calendar that were unable to get resolved, we decided to build a brand new version in house. The new app will be better, faster, more stable and will allow us to provide quicker customer service issues along with adding new features as time goes on.

Here is a list of features you will see in the new Convenient Calendar.

- Shared private group calendar

- Personal Calendar

- Shared group address book

- Personal Address book

- Photo Albums

- Todo/Task list

- Timezones

- Email notifications

- And More

We do apologize for the inconvenience of switching your data over to the new platform, however if you do stick with us, we promise you will be happier than ever.

As always phase please let us know of any bugs you encounter.


Convenient Calendar Staff

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