2/28 updates to Convenient Calendar

March 01, 2013

Just a few small updates added this week.

- Finally flushed out all of the bugs with timezones for all day events. (Time will tell)

- Added the ability for calendar users to be able to add comments to blogs. Now you can let me know how you feel publicly.

- Created horizontal scrolling on the event colors for those with small computer monitors.

It's looking like the initial testing is almost complete. If this testing schedule holds, this version of the calendar will be going live on www.convenientcalendar.com next weekend March 9. The current version of Convenient Calendar will be moved to another domain for reference and access to old data till the end of March. 

Please start moving over your data to the new calendar as soon as you can. 

As always please let us know of any bugs you may encounter.


Rich Johnson 12 months ago

why am i being asked for new password?