Convenient Calendar is a FREE online organizational calendar website that has been created to help you easily keep in touch with your family and friends or it is perfect for keeping church, academic, professional or extra-curricular groups organized and informed. It includes a shared calendar, automatically updating address book, and photo album for your groups. Here is a little bit more information about each of the features you will find when you choose Convenient Calendar as your online calendar.

Online Calendar

Keeping track of birthdays, important events, your family’s appointments, etc. can seem almost impossible at times. The shared calendar feature will allow you to easily keep track of all of yours, your families, and your group of friend’s schedules and events. Don’t want your church group’s events to be combined with your families? No problem, you can have multiple calendars to separate schedules and events of multiple groups of people.

Automatically Updating Address Book

Have you ever lost the addresses and phone numbers of all the important people in your life due to a computer crash, lost cell phone, or misplaced address book? Here is your solution. Convenient Calendar includes an address book compiled from the information each member in your group provides in their profile. Best of all, if you move and update your profile to reflect your new address, the address book of all members of all the groups you are a part of updates with your new information.

Upload Photos to Groups

Each event on your calendar is sure to have fun photos that have captured the funniest, happiest, and most interesting moments of the day. On Convenient Calendar each group has the ability to upload photos for all members to view.

Safe and Secure

Convenient Calendar always strives to maintain the strictest controls in regards to your personal information. Information entered will only be shared with your group members based on your privacy settings.

It’s Free!!

Best of all, each of the useful tools and features found on Convenient Calendar are FREE!