Welcome to Convenient Calendar

How much of your life is influenced by the schedules of others? Wouldn’t life run smoother if your schedule and the schedules of the others in your life are more closely coordinated?

Convenient Calendar is a FREE and EASY TO USE shared online calendar designed to coordinate schedules between family, friends, or a group of people. In addition to the online calendar, Convenient Calendar also provides a shared address book and photo album. Never miss another family birthday or important event again by signing up for Convenient Calendar today!


The online calendar will allow you to easily keep track of all of yours, your families, and your group of friend’s schedules and events. Don’t want your friends group's events to be combined with your families? No problem, you can have multiple calendars to separate schedules and events of multiple groups of people.

Address Book

Convenient Calendar includes an address book compiled from the information each member in your group provides in their profile. Best of all, if you move and update your profile to reflect your new address, the address book of all members of all the groups you are a part of updates with your new information. Also, any contacts that you add to the address book will stored safe and secure never to lost again.

Photo Album

Each event on your calendar is sure to have fun photos that have captured the funniest, happiest, and most interesting moments of the day. On Convenient Calendar each group has the ability to upload photos for all members to view. These photos are only able to be viewed by group members giving safety and privacy which is not always available on other websites.

Convenient Calendar enables you to:

  • Share calendars and events
  • Access a shared address book, automatically updated as group members update information
  • Share Photos

Who benefits from using Convenient Calendar?

  • Families
  • Friends
  • Social Groups
  • Clubs
  • Church Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Recreational Leagues
  • Many More!